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7 nemzetkozi delutanIt became colder. This is what happened. It became colder and we have to make fire all the time if we don't want to have cold in the house. Usually it goes like this: next to our house we have a little house with the stove, and we go there many times during the day to put some more wood into the fire. It's a pretty good system, which warms the whole house but it doesn't help with the cold in the morning.
On weekdays I wake up at 6 o clock. Feel cold after leaving my bed, so I get prepared really quick (or not...), and go to the bus station for my bus to Somogyudvarhely. After getting off the bus, I walk to the school with music in my ears. These last two days I made it while looking at the sunrise and was very happy with this.

At school I participate at the Hungarian and math lessons of the first and third class, which are actually in the same class because there are not enough kids in the village to make separate classes for every grade. I feel pretty helpful there, because having an assistant pedagogue next to the teacher helps making the learning process more efficient and also makes the teachers work a bit easier. This experience is useful for me two, because I can develop my competences of teaching and working with kids in general and also I can learn many techniques from the teacher. Besides this, I participate at a few English classes every week which are very interesting for me. These classes I make with my EVS mate Daiana, and I feel glad that sometimes we have the opportunity to organize and make a lesson completely based on our ideas. I enjoy this kind of creative work. Last week I also attended a technology class, where the kids learned the English names of the body parts and clothes while they made the silhouette of their body on big papers. That was one of my dream classes: it was creative, interactive, non-formal and of course it was very much fun. I look forward to doing something similar in the future, especially because I got an invitation to make a few activities for the personality development of the children.
Besides these classes we also participate at school related events, like prom and international afternoon at the Reformed Gymnasium from Csurgó, Saint Martin's day and elderly people's day at the cultural house of Somogyudvarhely. This last event was one of the highest moments of my volunteer experience until the present moment, because we had a stage appearance, when I had the opportunity to confront my fear of stage and have fun in the same time.
Now that my second EVS month is close to its ending I feel that I miss my home more then at the end of the first month. But as the challenges are becoming bigger, the takings also get higher and I am glad for every day that I have here.


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