P1080152This is the end of the year. Surely, I still made math, Hungarian and English classes at the school, even attended to a few music classes with some of my EVS mates, to teach the kids songs of our countries, but all in all, December was mostly about Advent and Christmas. I think when you work with children this is to be expected.

It was the second day of December when we got a spontaneous invitation to participate at an Advent evening with the teachers from the Reformed Gymnasium (in Csurgó). This little event was organized in the basement of the gymnasium, where they usually have after school events. There they were a few tables where we could help make Christmas decoration for Christmas-related events that were planned in the second part of the month. I think the cookies and muffins with chocolate and cinnamon made a big part of the magic for me, but it was so nice and friendly to make some handmade Christmas decoration with all of the teachers.

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IMG 5465If I don't accept the challenge that each day offers to me, then I will lose for sure. This is a certainty. And I don't want to lose.

For me coming here was a challenge. I didn't know how it will be, who are the people I will spend this whole year with, I only knew some things about the host organization and that was it. So I took the risk to try out something new. :)

First thing that comes to my mind is that my bus to Budapest was arriving late and after almost one hour of waiting I really thought that it's not coming after all. It was one of those moments when I really wanted to cast away all of my worries but as minutes were passing by I had more and more bad thoughts. Then after enough waiting, the bus finally entered the bus station and in a few minutes I was on my way.

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