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IMG 5465If I don't accept the challenge that each day offers to me, then I will lose for sure. This is a certainty. And I don't want to lose.

For me coming here was a challenge. I didn't know how it will be, who are the people I will spend this whole year with, I only knew some things about the host organization and that was it. So I took the risk to try out something new. :)

First thing that comes to my mind is that my bus to Budapest was arriving late and after almost one hour of waiting I really thought that it's not coming after all. It was one of those moments when I really wanted to cast away all of my worries but as minutes were passing by I had more and more bad thoughts. Then after enough waiting, the bus finally entered the bus station and in a few minutes I was on my way.

My road to Csurgó was pretty long. Not so much in kilometers, but in the hours and in the things that went thru my mind in those hours. I was glad somehow that I travelled for so long because I had the opportunity to slowly let go of everything I left at home: my friends, my family, the kids and all the nice people I worked with and I loved to be together with.

Arriving here was somehow a relief, because before Csurgó there were so many little villages, that I was almost sure, that I will live in very small locality. I'm happy that we are living in a town, not a village, because there are more possibilities, more youth, more things to see and to do.

It's been three weeks since I arrived here and things are going really well. We did some interesting things like going to the horse farm with the children from the Montessori Kindergarten, going to the forest to gather branches for the fire, playing, singing and dancing with the children from the kindergarten, designing and making the hoarding for the kindergarten and just getting familiar with the kids and the town in general. After a while these things we do start to become blurred in my head and I feel like everything happened to fast or almost in the same time, but it is great to gather so many different and new experiences. Traveling to Kaposvár, meeting up with other volunteers, folk dancing, Halloween preparations... I like it. :o)

These are my thoughts and impressions about my arriving and my first weeks here. I'm pretty much struggling with the words, because it's hard for me to describe everything in a language that is different from my mother tongue so I'll just leave the photos to tell the rest of my little story and just close my report with the simple fact that I am very happy with my decision of coming here.



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