halmagyieniko260My name is Halmágyi Enikő, and I will be joining the team right from Kolozsvár- also known as the heart of Transylvania. I'm 24years old, and graduated Applied Modern Languages and Public Administration in my beloved university town.

I must admit I came across this opportunity to be a volunteer for the EVS in Kaposvár accidentally, and had mixed feelings at first, but then soon realized what an amazing opportunity it is and it would be very counterproductive to let it pass me by.

It will be my very first volunteering experience so I'm really excited, and looking forward to expand my skills and abilities to mold myself to be the best me I can be. It is a big step, a year away from home, but it will be period for me to challenge myself in a productive way also being helpful to others. Although in my hometown I haven't been involved in volunteering activities, I have observed with interest the movements that pulsate in my town moving the people for different causes. I feel that I will be in my element in a multicultural environment and constant challenges to better myself and my surroundings. I am adaptable, inventive, flexible, friendly and easy to talk to, I also love working with children, and helping with anything I can whenever needed. And I'm grateful that now I will have the opportunity to perfect and cultivate this passion of mine at a professional level for an entire year.

Interacting and adapting to different and colorful cultures is also something I'm looking forward to, although being a Hungarian living in Transylvania can also translate into being bilingual, bicultural- so it's going to be fun and instructive to live like that on a larger scale.
I think that's enough about me for now, and I'll be able to say more on the subject as the year of volunteering for the EVS in Kaposvár enriches me with wonderful experiences worth sharing with you, dear reader.

Looking forward,

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