martoneva januar 1After spending Christhmas at home with our family and friends most of us arrived back to Kaposvár on the 4th of January. After two week gap we were all glad to see each other and share our holiday stories. After a short catch up on Monday the 05th we went to Zrínyi with James, Mailin and Lisette. The students were very excited to see us all, they welcomed us with big hugs and loud questions. The German teacher invited us to Mailins class where they talked about the holidays and we watched New Years Eve concerts from André Rieu.

The following day because Banu was ill, I held the kids club for Dominik with Mael. We prepared a crossword puzzle to refresh the words he learned in 2014, than we played Dixit with Lisette and Ákos (local volunteer). Dominik was second. It was a nice lesson although we missed Bendi. On Wendsay I participated in a French class in Munkácsy Gimnázium which was held by one of our French volunteer. It was a begginer class, so it was suitable for my knowledge. I even learned a word.

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martoneva oktober 3After the intense first month at Compass, October came with several new activityes. The last volunteer of our Ability Quest for the Future program arrived from England bringing a lot of joy and two hula hoops with her. The fist week we had our first meeting with the retirement club. We played bingo, where also the workers joined in. The next time (on the 14th of October), when we went we let Bathsheba make a hula hoop prezentation which was grately appreciated by the audiance. We had to ask Pista bácsi to provide musik on hes jitter. This was a nice example of generations working together.

Together with one of the Italian volunteers I attended to two English classes at Gyakorló high school. One of them was successful in terms of cooperation with the students. We both worked with groups helping them to use present perfect in a less formal way, in conversation.

In the second class we met a very sensitive girl, who started to cry several times durring the class. At first we both got intimidated, but we ended up finding a way to handle it. Edoardo was perfect „partner in crime".

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